Our services include anything from Mowing, to landscaping. we offer many ways to pay including weekly, monthly, or seasonal installments.

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property clean ups

planting and trimming

leaf removal

snow removal




For 7 years our crews have done their very best to provide amazing people like you the perfect mix between a wonderful look as well as being surprisingly quick.


With Cantrell Cuts  you will have the best looking landscape in your neighborhood. From extra sharp lines in the grass, to perfectly edged mulch beds, your neighbors will be jealous!


Not only do we provide ease and convenience throughout your daily life, but we also like to keep in touch. Many other businesses focus on getting the job done with no regards to their relationship with their clients.  However, when you choose Cantrell Cuts  you also get a friend! Don't be afraid to ask about questions you have,  products we recommend, or even tell us about your day.

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