The Beginning.

Hi!My name is Romano Cantrell. I started my own lawncare business when I was 12 years old just looking for some extra cash to fund my lifestyle of buying Nerf blasters. However, after about a year of just cutting a few yards in my neighborhood a week I came to the realization that I wanted to expand. With that I would also be providing a service to as many people as I could find that needed it. This fact alone became the driving factor I used to get to where I am today. Because everyone needs something good in this crazy world, and I feel that I can provide some good.

The Middle.

I am currently 19 and we have grown to a small lawncare business with a few employees that are extensions of myself in terms of quality. My hopes are to eventually grow enough to start changing little pieces of the world. for example I want to start providing a more green solution to lawn mowing. I want to dedicate a few crews to purely cutting grass with battery powered machines and I want to make things even more simple in our opperation and interaction with our clients.

The End.

By the end of this long journey, I hope to have a fully electric business that provides the simplest way to get your problems solved. Eventually I will create an app that is easy to use so that people can ask for help without the waiting in between emails or texts. I always want to keep in mind my core beliefs with this business as well, (Efficiency, Quality, and Connection).

A Friendly face

This is me and my lovely girlfriend that has supported me throughout this entire journey!

Our team

This is one of our star employees and best friend of mine. He has been the one to help since Ive needed it.

Looking to earn some extra cash? were hiring and happy to include you in our family. Email us for more info.